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So I am hoping for a little advice here, even though no one really replies to my posts, maybe you all will this time: my job sucks ass. I can't quite, because I need the job experience. But its horribly boring. Can anyone think of some good ways to make the time pass and make things a little more bearable? I work at Albertsons, I am a cart pusher, of all things... so any advice would be lovely.

Avatar volcanovixen21 *
10-03-06 17:32
Dvorak Attack
Buy an iPod/CDplayer/walkman.
Avatar lunchbox86
10-03-06 17:54
pretend the carts are rocketships and every trip to the parking lot is a jounrey to a planet undiscovered by man.

get a job at new seasons if you can. my firend just started working there, he says its awesome, starting pay is $9/hour. i'm thinking of gettting a job there cause he says the people are all really cool.
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