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The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage

I graduate in 23 days. Let the countdown begin. I can't help but wonder where everything will go, how things will turn out. Ever notice how there is just so much damn time while you're living through things, but when its over, you wonder where all that time went? Its amazing. Blink and then its over, but it seems like an eternity while you are surviving it. The nature of time is a tricky thing.

Avatar teh0mega *
05-01-06 20:44
selfcentered guy
I find that as high school ends, time seems to speed up.

I had some kind of epiphiny over summer break of last year. I started to realize that, "Wow, we only have two more months of break." and it kept getting shorter.

Now, weeks go by pretty damn quick.
Avatar nick
05-01-06 20:50
Hell yes.
I guess I wouldn't know how fast times goes for you, but yes, as you grow older time speeds up.

It takes a long time for things to happen because you're busy antipating the moment of finish. After it is done you realize it didn't take that long at all because your perception of time is back to normal.
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