The Journal of laracroft.
Help 04-17-07 15:03
I have to write an english paper on Alexander Pope's "The Rape Of The Lock" and how it compares and contrasts to a true epic, "Beowulf". Anyone know anything at all? I'd appreciate it. I have a week to write it.
I wonder when that time existed in human history... or if it did. I shall ask Todd... he always has nice 'religious" views to counter my scientific ones.
03-08-07 21:02
I just read over all my old posts...they were only a year ago, but damn, was I a stupid little emo kid...
It was also funny to think back on how badly I felt over some stupid little boy. We didn't even have much really...just a few dates. But I let it get to me like and learn, i guess.
Its funny to see how my life has changed. I now have a wonderful, caring man in my life... yes, they do exist, amazingly. Either that, or I have the only one... that is unlikely. I live on my own now. I am thinking of getting married. I am almost a junior in college. Wow... crazy.
01-29-07 19:03
I have this overwhelming need to watch the Phantom of the Opera.
01-11-07 09:54
Hmmm... so everything is a bit crazy. I just wish the summer was here, and in the process of nearing its end. Everything will start to come together by then. And I can't wait for that.
01-08-07 21:08
So the best thing has happened. I could never hope for more. w00t.
I'm Back 10-04-06 22:49
I think I'm back for good... and I'll need help and advice, I know you guys don't find me interesting, but any help is lovely...
SO BORED 10-03-06 13:06
So I am hoping for a little advice here, even though no one really replies to my posts, maybe you all will this time: my job sucks ass. I can't quite, because I need the job experience. But its horribly boring. Can anyone think of some good ways to make the time pass and make things a little more bearable? I work at Albertsons, I am a cart pusher, of all things... so any advice would be lovely.
I Want To Be A Spaceman 10-01-06 20:25
There is something I do not understand. Why am I so sad, all the time? There is only one thing that keeps me here on this earth is Todd... without him, I would go jump off the 8th floor of the Education Building here on the wonderful BSU campus... I love Todd with all my heart. I do not deserve someone like him, someone who really cares for me... I've accrued to much bad karma in my life for that. I feel so lost... I need Todd.. he isn't here... I don't see him for 5 days... now I'll go cry.
I"m In Love 07-22-06 22:31
I love Todd, he is amazing, I should have known sooner. Never before has someone actually taken the initiative, wanting to talk to me and be with me, I always had to force it, and then I found him and I am finally happy.
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